Thursday, June 27, 2013

Great LA Weekly article on the best outdoor patios in the city
  No. 3 on the list is my favorite special occasion restaurant in Los Angeles. Located in the heart of Silver Lake is Cliff's Edge a phenomenal restaurant serving fresh Italian & Mediterranean cuisine. This is the place to go for a 1 year anniversary.

Check out their great minimalist web site below

Monday, June 24, 2013

LA Weekly Pancake Breakfast

The best bang for your buck LA food fest has to be the pancake breakfast the LA Weekly is putting on for it's third year. The first year was curated by former LA Weekly stalwart Jonathan Gold. The food was great but there was one problem; too many pancakes. Well last years breakfast with out Mr. Gold was a vast improvement. With baked french toast from Auntie Em's, pastries from Village & Nickle Diner and single origin coffee provided by Handsome & Cafecito Organico last years event became a great eclectic breakfast event. The best part is it's only 30 dollars, and they have an open bar! Hope too see you there.

Click the link below to purchase tickets

The first year they gave away these great mugs from Harry & David; definitely worth the 30 dollar price of admission! I still use it everyday at work.
Terri and her mom from Auntie Em's serving up some amazing french toast at last years event.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Wicked Clam Pop Up

That's right Dave Evans is opening a seafood restaurant. I'm addicted to the sandwiches he slings in Eagle Rock and can't wait to see what this East Coast bad boy comes up with. The Colorado Wine Company is owned by the same owners as Sunset Beer Co and has the same great relaxed energy.

UPDATE: The Wicked Clam pop up was a huge success yesterday, I'll post a story tomorrow!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

LA Weekly presents TACOLANDIA!!!

I'm a big fan of food events, especially when the LA Weekly is the one who is putting it on. With Tacolandia the LA Weekly has brought together 30 restaurants for what will probably be the best deal in town this summer. The VIP tickets are $40 with access to an open bar. The $20 tickets gives you the food but with out the booze. Check out the web site below and hope to see you there!

P.S Their are going to be mariachi bands

These are the restaurants that have already confirmed.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bar Ama, Tex-Mex in the City of Angels

Last night was my 2nd trip to Bar Ama, Joseph Centeno's Tex-Mex cantina in the heart of DTLA. Chef Centeno is already famous for his flat bread sandwiches around the corner at Baco Mercat and with this new addition he might be running downtown soon. The first thing I noticed about my return to Bar Ama was the changes to the menu. Gone were the deep fried in peanut oil puffy tacos. This was disappointing since I had brought my friend Anthony along and had been bragging about the pork barbacoa and pineapple taco. Even with out that, there was the queso filled with chorizo and avocado this golden yellow treat will have you cleaning the bowl with every scrap of chips you have. Chef Centeno has had his own soda made; with fun colorful flavors such as Chocolate Root Beer and Hibiscus Sweet & Sour skip the beer and try one of these. When our waitress arrived she informed me that the puffy tacos were still around but were no longer on the menu. Unfortunately they didn't have the pineapple and pork that night. I ended up ordering the queso, 3 tacos, a roasted with sugar sweet potato, shrimp ceviche & multiple sodas so the three of us could all sample some. Something to know going into Bar Ama, the food comes out when it is ready, and it's fast. Five minutes after we ordered, the queso and the ceviche had both arrived at the table and my third guest Krystal was not even there yet. When she arrived the rest of the food showed up and we ate family style even going so far as too cut the tacos in half. The potato taco reminded me of great Ensenada fish tacos that I love so much and the puffy shell really elevates the whole experience. The shrimp taco and shrimp ceviche both tasted fine but didn't impress me enough to order it again. The queso was amazing as before and definitely got the most compliments from the table. The sweet potato also garnered some accolades for it's sweet yet savory flavor. I look forward to the next time I can dine at Bar Ama, let's hope next time they have the pineapple and pork back!

I do not own the rights to these amazing pictures, gosh they look yummy!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oinkster Burger Week 2013

So Oinkster is doing burger week again! There theme this year is other fast food places burgers, they include Wendy's, Taco Bell(?), Jack in The Box, Bob's Big Boy & McDonalds with their version of the McRib. The one I'm looking forward too is food truck Grill'Em All's "Weed Eater", stop by Thursday after 6 and you might just see and the homie Hero chowing down with a few other Eagle Rock locals. Get out and enjoy!!!