Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pine State Biscuits

While most of my posts are about my food experiences in Los Angeles I've had plenty of foodie adventures in other places. Portland Oregon is one of my favorite food cities and any chance I get to visit I take. Pine State Biscuits started out of a house on the Northeast side of town. My first experience at Pine State came early in the morning and after a very long bus ride. My local connection and best friend Sean picked me up and brought me to Pine State. He told me since it was my first visit I had to order the Reggie . What's the Reggie you ask? This might be the most frequently asked question in Portland. Cut a fresh baked biscuit down the middle, top with a fried chicken breast some bacon and smother with cheddar cheese and gravy. Make it a deluxe with an egg on top.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dave's Chillin N Grillin

One of my favorites in Los Angeles! I eat at Dave's allot and always see different friends in there. I recently took a bunch of great photos for Dave and decided to share a few with you guys. Dave's Roesmary's Turkey is one of his most popular sandwiches. It starts with fresh baked rosemary bread, then they pile on turkey, avacado, tomato, Monterey Jack, mozzarella, spicy mustard & mayo. The hot hippy is one of my favorite vegetarian sandwiches in Los Angeles. It has hummus, grilled onions and Dave's Hotts Peppa spread that makes everything their taste amazing.