Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Top 3 Sandwiches in Los Angeles

There are three sandwich shops in the greater Los Angeles area that I swear by.

1. Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery in Santa Monica
Bay Cities has a wide assortment of every imported Italian goodie you might want. With all the choices at Bay Cities I'll help you narrow it down to my favorite sandwich, THE GODMOTHER. Let me tell you it deserves to be in all caps. They pile genoa salami, mortadella coppacola, ham, prosciutto and provolone on a house baked roll. Make this your last stop before you hit the beach. It gets a little busy so give yourself some time it might take a while.
The Godmother

2. Dave's Chillin-N-Grillin in Eagle Rock
Proprietor Dave Evans has been churning out the best sandwiches in the Northeast for almost nine years now. While I'm a fan of everything he makes the turkey melt deserves special recognition. With fresh baked bread, sliced whole turkey, tomatoes, mustard and mayo Dave turns the basics into something special. If your not in the turkey mood, try anything else and expect the same great flavor.
 Turkey melt

3. Langer's in MacArthur Park
It doesn't get anymore old school than Langer's Delicatessen. Founded after World War 2 in a predominately Jewish neighborhood Langer's quickly became a staple for east coat ex pats.  In the late 50's they added a pastrami sandwich labeled the Original #19, onto the menu. The #19 is hot pastrami, cole slaw, a slice of swiss cheese & Russian dressing on a hot crispy Rye.  While everything around Langer's has changed completely over the last 65 years the #19 is still exactly the same.
 The original #19

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